Here's the thing, I am not an elite athlete nor a world traveller. But, I am determined, stubborn and committed to whatever I set as a challenge. 

My daughter, a journalist, said I should write about my Yorkshire-Morocco run, nearly 2000 miles over 51 days, and set up a website for me to do this. So, I have written my account of the journey, and included a few more just for prosperity.

I have completed the Marathon des Sables twice, declaring after the first 'never again', the Gobi Challenge in Mongolia and, of course, the most challenging, Y2M. More recently I trekked the GR5, GR55 and GR52 with others to follow (watch this space).
I have led a number of expeditions for young people to east and north Africa. I am a volunteer with The Scouts, based in Leeds, and a trustee and Chair of Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society.
I hope you find the journeys interesting and, in a small way, they inform you that anyone can do anything with a little determination.​​​​​​​
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